Studying Mandarin in Hong Kong

Though studying in mainland China might help you study faster, you might be living or working in Hong Kong or having problems getting a Visa for China.

In recent years, Hongkongers have been improving their Mandarin and considerably more people will be able to understand you and converse with you in Mandarin instead of Cantonese.
More and more mainland companies and citizens are present in Hong Kong as well, and are one of the main reasons why Business Mandarin courses are useful locally.

Don't have time to go to a language institute during work or outside of office hours?
Get the feeling that institutes rarely have the best teachers (due to wages) or that group lessons will make the whole learning experience even slower?

Never had a private teacher? A private teacher is more than just that: coach, supporter, challenging you and guiding you. A short free lesson will help you see what we mean, and allow your teacher to learn more about your needs, level and learning style.

Activities for learning

In Hong Kong and South China

Being able to go out and use Mandarin is a must if you want to get more fun, motivation and excellent practice. Not everyone likes to walk around a Chinese city addressing random strangers.

Therefor, Janie occasionally organizes weekend trips for interested students.
This could go from hiking near Shenzhen,
to shopping and bargaining practice in Luohu,
to spending a weekend in the countryside in Yangshuo chatting with farmers and tourists, while enjoying the beautiful scenic areas and discovering the opposite of city life.

Trust and respect between student and teacher is very important in China. As such, it is natural for Janie to expend extra effort in making sure you get the most out of your Mandarin courses (during and outside the lessons).

Feedback from Rhonda, 62, Australia : "Patient, competent and experienced teacher" Read detailed feedback

Free introduction lesson at your location of choice

Get a feel for my personality and way of teaching, for free, before deciding.

Get in touch and meet as soon as the next day.

Practicing what you study

Trouble finding language partners to practice what you have learned? Let me help!
(find a partner in HK, or let me organise a city trip to Shenzhen or Guangzhou for immersive supervised practice... )

Study in Hong Kong

Business Mandarin

Adapted to your job's specific needs. Possible even for beginners! Specialise your vocabulary.

Intensive course

Study seriously with a custom-tailored course. Improve your skills day by day even while focusing on the long-term results.

Survival Mandarin

Learn some basic words and expressions or focus on a few precise topics. A few hours or a few days, it's up to you!

Small groups

Though I mostly teach 1-on-1, it is of course possible to study with a small group of students.

1-on-1 facts


  • Learn fast by having someone focus most on what is most difficult for you
  • Study at work or near your home to save time and money


  • Single teacher up-to-date with your progression at all times
  • Customized materials + book for structuring self-study and practice


  • Small groups make private lessons even more affordable
  • No extra costs, unlike institutes


  • 7 years experience teaching expats
  • Certified by BLCU (best for training language teachers in China!)