Studying Mandarin Chinese in Hong Kong

Though studying in mainland China might help you study faster, you might be living or working in Hong Kong or having problems getting a Visa for China.

In recent years, Hongkongers have been improving their Mandarin and considerably more people will be able to understand you and converse with you in Mandarin instead of Cantonese.
More and more mainland companies and citizens are present in Hong Kong as well, and are one of the main reasons why Business Mandarin courses are useful locally.

Don't have time to go to a language institute during work or outside of office hours?
Get the feeling that institutes rarely have the best teachers (due to wages) or that group lessons will make the whole learning experience even slower?

Never had a private teacher? A private teacher is more than just that: coach, supporter, challenging you and guiding you. A short free lesson will help you see what we mean, and allow your teacher to learn more about your needs, level and learning style.

Being familiar with industry-specific vocabulary is a great start. But since direct translations are not too be trusted, especially in business settings, there is a lot more to learn than vocabulary. The Chinese business mind works differently and knowing the Chinese business context can be even more helpful than knowing the right words. Chinese expressions and knowing what not to say or when to say it.

Our business Mandarin course is focused on making business interactions in Mandarin easier. We will cover business Mandarin language and how business is done in China. To give you an idea, here are some topics that can be covered depending on your needs:

  • How to introduce your company
  • Marketing strategy
  • Banking, Accounts and finance
  • Franchise operations in China
  • Human resources
  • Architectural terms

This course is based on a carefully designed curriculum, which we crafted to be relevant to businesspeople with dealings in China. With individual lessons or ultra-small groups of three, we can dive deep into the idiosyncrasies of doing business in China.

Business in China is different from doing business with China. Since relations and trust are so important, preparing for social occasions such as dinners could prove very useful (depending on your circumstances).

  • Giving face, making toasts, Chinese culture taboos, thanking without making it seem like bribes.
  • Better understanding your customers, improving interactions, understanding feedback and avoiding cultural taboos.
  • Your advantages and disadvantages when negotiating, how to react, and of course… what to say in different situations. For those who need it, our courses can include this as well.

Customization and flexibility. If you have any specific interest, feel free to contact us to find out whether this course really covers exactly what you need. Since we teach on location mostly, and with very small groups, we can be as flexible as need be.

Lesson materials. We work with official internationally famous course materials, combined with custom materials adapted the our students’ specific needs and levels.

Homework. Drills or tasks are provided unless not desired. To motivate and better assist students in-between lessons, email and Skype support are available.

, 36, Finland - 25 May 2012

Best language teacher I've had so far

Rating 5/5 - 1-month intensive Chinese course

I had Janie as a private teacher for 1 month in Yangshuo. I have always found languages hard to learn, and Chinese is no exception for me.

I was very surprised how much I actually learnt during Janie's classes. She was very good at explaining difficult topics, she pushed me to use the Chinese I had learnt, and she also included a good amount of repetition so it was easier to remember. She was very patient and attentive, and she always made an extra teaching effort when I found something difficult to learn. As a bonus, I also learnt about Chinese culture and society.

I have to say that Janie is the best language teacher I've had so far and I hope I'll get the chance to attend her classes again.

Best wishes,

Feedback from Mike, 56, Australia : "As a quick summary, your classes were EXCELLENT!" Read detailed feedback

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Practicing what you study

Trouble finding language partners to practice what you have learned? Let me help!
(find a partner in HK, or let me organise a city trip to Shenzhen or Guangzhou for immersive supervised practice... )

Study in Hong Kong

Business Mandarin

Adapted to your job's specific needs. Possible even for beginners! Specialise your vocabulary.

Intensive course

Study seriously with a custom-tailored course. Improve your skills day by day even while focusing on the long-term results.

Survival Mandarin

Learn some basic words and expressions or focus on a few precise topics. A few hours or a few days, it's up to you!

Small groups

Though I mostly teach 1-on-1, it is of course possible to study with a small group of students.

1-on-1 facts


  • Learn fast by having someone focus most on what is most difficult for you
  • Study at work or near your home to save time and money


  • Single teacher up-to-date with your progression at all times
  • Customized materials + book for structuring self-study and practice


  • Small groups make private lessons even more affordable
  • No extra costs, unlike institutes


  • 7 years experience teaching expats
  • Certified by BLCU (best for training language teachers in China!)